MMK Forms

One of the staples of Taekwondo is Forms practice. Forms are prearranged sequences of techniques executed against one or more Imaginary opponents. At each belt level, a student learns a new form that teaches techniques that are new to that level, as well as reinforces more basic techniques already learned.

The specific set of forms we use are called “Chang Hon” (Blue Cottage), and were created by General Choi Hong Hi, known as “the father of Taekwondo”. There are 24 in all (one for each hour of the day).

Links to the step-by-step instructions for the first 10 “Chang Hon” forms practiced at MMK are provided in the menu on the left. Do not try to LEARN the forms from these instructions; you will miss a LOT, and only get the basic movements. But these instructions are good tools to use in “brushing up” or checking when you're working out at home and have a temporary “brain freeze”.

When performing a form, the following points should be considered:

  • The form should begin and end at the same spot.
  • Maintain correct posture and facing at all times.
  • The form should be performed in a rhythmic movement with an absence of stiffness, except at the imaginary impact point.
  • Student should know the name and purpose of each movement.
  • Each movement should be executed with realism.