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General Taekwondo/Karate information

Welcome to the Student Info area of the Kwak's Taekwondo/Karate website. The information contained within this area is provided to assist Kwak's Taekwondo/Karate members in their Mun Moo Kwan journey specifically, and their Taekwondo journey in general.

The study of Taekwondo or any martial art is intended to be a lifelong and life-changing endeavor that enriches not only the Taekwondoist's life, but also the life of all those with whom the Taekwondoist comes into contact with. Obviously, the mere act of coming to a Taekwondo class two or more times a week for an hour of training does not really address such lofty goals and ideals, and the reality is that despite the best efforts of the most experienced and dedicated Instructors in the world, it remains up to the individual student to learn, to progress, and to change.

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