Target Areas

“Never Use Excessive Force”

In any martial art, students are taught to attack specific areas of the body, and specific targets (vital spots) within those areas. (Vital spots are defined as any sensitive or breakable area on the body vulnerable to an attack.) Indiscriminate attack is condemned, as it is both ineffective and wasteful of energy.

For an attack to be effective, the target must be struck with the appropriate attacking tool. For example, a spear-finger attack to the skull would most likely do more harm to the attacker than the person being attacked.

In addition to being struck with the proper attacking tool, the target must also be struck with the appropriate amount of force for it to be effective. While a small force can cause great damage if it is applied to the neck, the same force applied to the front of a well condition abdomen, will result in little, if any, injury. Since serious injury or even possible death may result from forceful blows, NEVER use excessive force unless it is a life-treating situation.

Some of the more accessible targets are shown below. To see the name of the target, click/tap the red dot.