Tie Your DoBok

Step by Step Instructions for Tying Your DoBok

The DoBok top has four strings (two on the left; two on the right) sewn on which are used to tie it. Refer to Figure 1 and the explanation below for assistance in tying the DoBok top.

  • From the wearer's viewpoint, there is a right front string, a right rear (or outside) string, a left front string, and a left rear (or inside) string.

  • Grab the right front string with your right hand and the left rear (or inside) string with your left hand. Wrap the right half of the DoBok top against the upper body and tie the right front string and the left rear string into a bow.

  • Grab the left front string with your left hand and the right rear (or outside) string with your right hand. Wrap the left half of the DoBok top over the right side and tie the left front string and the right rear string into a bow.

How to tie your DoBok
Figure 1